Thursday, 3 May 2012

From the people who brought you Cleggmania

The Independent, there. Great paper. Always something that has me massaging my temples and going 'tssshhh'.

What we have there is the distinction Owen H padded around in 'Uncommon' - the point where provincial subculture kids affecting disdain for their bullies grow up into metropolitan liberals mocking chavs, and don't grow any more subtle social consciousness along the way.

Friday, 24 February 2012

well-meaning individuals persecuted by business-hating elites, again

Follow my pointing finger in the direction of the always-diligent Watching A4E for their coverage of the decline and fall of the A4E empire. Uncannily, the wider media seem to have noticed that government contract companies tend to be run by shady chisellers who soak up vast amounts of money for delivering distinctly ropey results. Those business-friendly types in government haven't been quite so perspicacious. Last time we checked - two weeks into a perfect storm of shameful news - guess who's the preferred bidder on a major prisoner rehabilitation contract?

Of course nothing can discourage the definitely authentic commenters who drop by to say things like 'at least they're TRYING to help people,' 'nobody's PERFECT,' 'who among us HASN'T committed major institutional fraud,' and so on.

Update: The Void also doing a bang-up job monitoring the weapons-grade bullshit being manufactured by the government as they frantically try to staunch the bleeding.